Skin Care 101: Save Your Skin

Have you been considering starting a skin care treatment series but didn’t know where to begin? Start with Laser Genesis and dermal peels! They are the most effective. No downtime. You will leave our medical spa with glowing skin.


Visual Results from Laser Genesis Treatment Timeline

The Laser Genesis treatment starts with the sensation of warm, gentle pulses of laser light. The magic of the warming laser is that it smooths away finer lines, heals acne, and lessens the appearance of acne scarring & redness while minimizing large pores. Following the Laser Genesis, a mild dermal peel that polishes away dead skin cells will be applied. Your skin will feel & look brighter, tighter, and nourished. But how long will these beautiful results last for?

Think cardio and weight training. After running a couple of miles and lifting weights, you feel confident & healthy. However, if you’re not exercising regularly, your body figure will not remain toned as it once was before. The same can be said for skin treatment. The combined treatments of Laser Genesis and peels provide the exercise & stimulation that your skin needs to achieve & maintain healthy, vibrant skin. You will have the skin you have always dreamed of.