Is there anything that is keeping you from feeling as beautiful and confident as you can be?  Chances are… that if you suffer with unsightly spider veins on the legs or facial telangiectasia (commonly known as broken capillaries) your answer is yes! Luckily treating these conditions is easy as 1, 2, and 3 with Laser Vein Therapy.

Laser Vein Therapy works by delivering pulses of light energy which causes the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body.  The blood flow will then be redirected to veins deeper below your skin’s surface, where it should be, and you are left with gorgeous vein free legs.  All skin color can be safely treated with laser.

Why do Spider Veins Appear?

Genetics, hormones, pregnancy, prolonged sitting or standing, injury, and vein conditions all contribute to whether or not we will develop spider veins.

The Vein Therapy Plan

What should you expect during vein therapy?

Most patients experience a stinging sensation as the pulses of energy are delivered to the vein.  Cold ice packs are applied prior to the laser to help minimize this sensation.  The treatment is fairly quick depending on the amount of veins being treated. Most treatments take an average of 15-30 minutes.

How many treatments will you need?

Depending on the area often patients will need 3-6 treatments every 6-8 weeks to allow for proper healing time. Following your treatment redness or bruising may occur. When larger veins are treated, a tan or brownish pigment may persist for a few weeks or months following the treatment. Most patients will see improvement within 2-6 weeks after treatment. However, final results may not be apparent for several months.

Post treatment limitations

Wearing compression hose is recommended after vein therapy treatments.  Compression stockings should be worn as much as possible to aid in the healing of the veins and to help prevent new veins from appearing.  After the vein therapy treatment saunas, steam rooms, and exercise must be avoided for the first 24 hours.  Thereafter all vigorous activities may be resumed.

Possible Side Effects

Most patients report few side effects, the most common are: slight redness and swelling of the veins treated, bruising, and in rare instances, blistering may occur. These adverse reactions are typically avoided by applying sunscreen to the treated areas, avoiding prolonged sun exposure during the healing process, avoiding taking oral anti-biotics or steroid medications 7 days before the laser treatments, and following all post treatment instructions.

Gain Some Confidence by Getting Those Veins Treated!

Much advancement has been made in Laser Therapy in the past 20 years. No one has to live with embarrassing skin conditions anymore.  From unsightly veins, acne scars, sun damage, melasma, and slacking skin every condition has a solution, and my personal favorite tool is my laser.  In my 10 years as a medical esthetician I have witnessed many success stories and happy clients with restored confidence that have been treated with my Cutera laser.  It is amazes me to witness how a few simple pulses of light energy can change a person’s appearance and outlook on life.