Is Your Dental Insurance Carrier Hazardous To Your Health?

The inaction and delays from the dental carriers are harming and compromising your well-being.

Dental claims and payments to healthcare providers can be postponed from weeks to months without resolution. New technology, advanced equipment, materials and supplies from dentists, who are treating their patients, are not understood and neglected by the dental insurers. In many cases, the dental carriers have not increased their fees in years to cover the expanded costs of the newer materials, supplies and equipment that advancing scientific knowledge requires. Thus, many dedicated and experienced dentists drop your dental insurance carrier that fails to cover the “Standard Of Care” and progressive standards which are embraced in a dental practice every day.


Questions to ask your dental insurance carrier:

1. Next time, ask your dental insurance carrier how often do they increase their fees to the dental care providers that are incorporating the latest up-to-date proficiency and skills. Is it yearly or once every several years?

2. Also, ask them how available are they to meet with the dentist on a one-to-one basis instead of the dentist being told that if they do not like the way the dental insurer is conducting their enterprise the “dentist can take it or leave it.”

The reality is that many dentists do drop your dental insurance carrier because it is out-dated, misinformed, and careless with your care. So, ask your dentist, who you have trust and confidence in or perhaps a long-standing relationship, what might be a better dental insurance carrier to join.  Your life and well-being do depend on this in a timely and responsible manner.

This article was provided by Dr. Lawrence Zager. He has been practicing dentistry since 1978 and as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon since 1981.