3D Imaging Scan in Chicago, IL

Dentistry is evolving, and with these advancements better methods have emerged to change the field. One new technology is changing the way we practice; we no longer have to rely solely on 2 dimensional images for diagnosis, treatment planning, and education. Visual examinations and digital images are useful and have their place particularly when diagnosing gum disease and cavities, but some conditions require more information.For example, when evaluating for dental implants or TMJ disorder we now have an imaging modality that allows for us to see your jaw, teeth and airway in 3D rendering. One of these is the Cone Bean CT Scanner. Cone Scan multiple projections are processed into 3D images allowing a reproducible image of the jaws and teeth. It is a fast, non-invasive procedure that answers a multitude of clinical questions allowing us to better diagnose pathology and treatment plan our patients.